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Flying In

Local commercial flight service is available from Orlando International Airport (MCO) and Melbourne International Airport (MLB). The drive from Orlando to Sebastian is about 1.5hrs, from Melbourne to Sebastian the drive is about 20 minutes.

x26Those planning on flying their own aircraft to the event should plan on arriving at Sebastian Municipal Airport (X26). Referencethe Miami sectional chart. Reference information here. Free tie-downs will be supplied by both Velocity and Sebastian Airport Administration on a first come first serve basis. Those flying their Velocity will be given preferential parking. Those flying other kit aircraft will be parked around back, out of sight. (Just kidding.)


We would like to encourage as many Velocity pilots to bring their aircraft to Velocity University as possible. A special gift will be given to every Velocity pilot who brings his aircraft to the event.

There will also be awards and prizes for: Longest distance flown, fastest recorded groundspeed without busting Vne (verified either via or by a photo of your GPS groundspeed readout) Oldest Velocity, and whatever else that we can come up with between now and then that might be noteworthy.

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